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Greenwich Games Space

Summer 2015

EEA was awarded a Transformers Grant, funded by National Lottery Funding through the Olympic Lottery Distributer and managed by ELBA, and Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Community Arts Fund.

The project was designed to encourage young people to explore their relationship to their local built environment, particularly public spaces and the public within them. In light of the 2012 London riots and increasing levels of youth unemployment and disenfranchisement, Greenwich Games Space aimed to explore and explode how the public view young people in public spaces, how young people would like to be viewed and how to use street arts as a medium to redress the disparity between the two.

Under the umbrella of Greenwich’s Cultural Olympiad programme, Greenwich Games Space reached over 200 young people from across the borough wards in:

  • A creative symposium featuring presentations and workshops from town planners, architects, street arts professionals, creative practitioners and community trusts. The event will enable young people to investigate their role in the local community.
  • Street arts skills development workshops and master classes delivered by UK wide professionals
  • Youth led devising sessions and rehearsals leading to a number of performances inspired by and taking place in their chosen public spaces.

The project was guided by a group of 20 young people from 6 secondary schools in the borough, creating a Youth Forum to make key decisions regarding the aesthetic and operational details of the project. They worked closely with EEA’s creative practitioners to inspire and motivate other young people to contribute to the project, developing a portfolio of arts and cultural research in the process as part of their silver arts awards.

This high profile street arts project, which culminated in performances within the Cultural Olympiad programme, under their chosed name of Unstoppable Pulse enabled young people to take ownership of public spaces and make a positive statement in the midst of an influx of visitors from around the world. In effect this transformed their position as members of the community, positively representing young people and counteracting recent negative press about their interaction with public spaces.

Greenwich Games Space was delivered in partnership with Corelli College/ Thomas Tallis School/ Plumstead Manor School/ The John Roan School/ Audiences London/ University of Greenwich/ RB Greenwich Arts and Culture Team/ Greenwich Volunteer Centre/ Charlton Athletic Community Trust


Watch Unstoppable Pulse in Action

  • Greenwich Games Space

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