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Nottingham Lights Up! A Civic Event

Past Projects

Nottingham Market Square at night

Emergency Exit Arts and its in-house fireworks team, EEAfx, worked with Nottingham City Council to create an extravaganza celebrating the opening of the new Market Square in the centre of the city. Two colourful illuminated processions featuring over a thousand Nottingham residents wound through the streets of the city led by Robin Hood and welcomed into the newly refurbished Market Square by a highly skilled performer from Scarabeus, foremost exponents of aerial performance.

The theatrical interpretation of Nottingham’s past, present and future featured many local community and professional dance organisations and a thunderous fusion of local samba bands. The birth of industry was heralded by two performers on top of the Council House roof who were sent spinning on pyrotechnically charged wheels.

Throughout the celebration the Market Square and the Council House were animated by lighting and firework effects and to top it all off two spectacular firework finales were fired simultaneously from the roof of the Nottingham City Council House in the town centre and from the famous Nottingham Castle.



"What a great night. It was fantastic to see such a mixed audience from the smallest children to their grandparents. the atmosphere was electric, everyone went home buzzing. I've seen a few shows in my time, that was one of the best"

Cllr Leon Unczur, Nottingham City Council

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