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Signs of Change

Jan-April 2012

On the 27 April 2012, young Creative Activists from primary schools throughout Greenwich and Woolwich came together at Corelli College to share the fantastic things they did as part of the Signs of Change project, inspired by the 2012 Olympics, showing that young people can make a positive contribution to their communities and can lead the way in making change happen.

7 schools took part in the project: Cherry Orchard Primary, Cardwell Primary, Plumcroft Primary, Sherington Primary, Kidbrooke Park Primary and Charlton Manor Primary, with Corelli College students acting as peer mentors and supporters. In February 2012, pupils nominated as Champions from each school received a mission from outer-space to make a change that would benefit the local and global environment. They were asked to decide on a tangible step they could take in school to save energy and resources in 2012, and to make a sign, large enough to be seen from space, which would communicate their ‘eco-action’ with the rest of the world during the run up to the Olympics.
Eco-Actions decided on included school-wide campaigns to turn off lights and electrical equipment; composting and recycling schemes; and cycling and walking initiatives designed to encourage fitness and environmental friendly forms of travel to and from school. Signs marking the beginning of these positive changes which have taken place were created in schools as part of ‘Rituals of Beginnings’.Images, video and reports from the schools and pupils involved were all documented on the project’s blog-site

“The final DVD for this project was wonderful. It was lovely to have a record of all the schools taking part. This gave the pupils a sense of belonging to a much larger group right across London. We are showing the DVD to parents, friends and family as well as stakeholders at our annual arts festival.”

Natalie Beavis, Teacher, Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School, Barnet.



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“Cross-curricular links were made between art, science and geography which are less commonly linked in art. This was very successful and an aspect that could be further developed in future projects.”

Shantha Adivihalli, Art teacher, Brentside High School, Ealing

“Our school now feels better able to value creativity to engage the school community.”

Dr Tesca Bennett, Assistant Principal, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Knights Academy, Lewisham.

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