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Illuminated Processions and Lanterns

Close up of colourful lanterns

EEA has perfected the art of lantern making over many years to create processional illuminations for festive occasions and civic events.

Illuminated Processions and Lanterns
Taking part in a procession provides a joyful and simple way for people to celebrate. Illuminated processions and lanterns transform a dark landscape or familiar street with light, colour, costume, dance and music. EEA has perfected the art of night time processions over many years to create processional illuminations for festive occasions and civic events. Our large scale mechanical puppets and creatures can be illuminated to provide close-up spectacle in a public space
Thousands of people each year take part in hand crafting their own lanterns and illuminated costumes. Lanterns can be invested with wishes, dreams, secrets and messages. They can be large or small, carried or floated, made by individuals or groups. The art of lantern making has been adapted over time. We use traditional techniques using biodegradable materials or found objects and recyclable materials incorporated with digital art work. The lanterns are water and wind proof lit with low energy bulbs or with candles depending on the location. EEA also provides health and safety guidance and risk assessments.
The techniques we use are as simple or as sophisticated as circumstances allow. The collaboration between participants and artists creates opportunities to make stunning large scale sculptural art work or elaborate costumes that many participants continue to use for other occasions.

Illuminated Installations
EEA is also commissioned to create site-specific illuminations for public spaces. For inspiration see pictures from our past projects including City of Light at the National Theatre inspired by Phillip Pullman's Northern Lights, Nu Wa Goddess of Creation for the Chinese Arts Festival, Canary Wharf ltd, Hanukkah candles for the National Theatre’s Festival of Lights.

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