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Anastasiya Trayanova


Doing a professional placement at Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) is a truly amazing experience and excellent opportunity to develop new skills and gain knowledge on the outdoor arts scene in the UK.

I joined the company in April 2012 as part of my MA in Creative Producing at Central School of Speech and Drama. Luckily, I got involved pretty much in everything - project coordination, arts administration, events management and planning, marketing. EEA is managed by a small but very dedicated team and I found everyone extremely helpful and supportive. I also had a chance to meet leading professionals in the field of performing arts, attend important meetings in the Arts Council and the GLA, participate in presentations, assist with writing project tenders and learn how a successful arts company is being managed.

I am also grateful for those fantastic moments when I was given the opportunity to perform in some of the biggest outdoor events in London like the London Mela, the Newham Carnival, the Paralympic Flame Festival and the Thames Festival. There is no better escape from the everyday life than putting on a colourful costume and being seen by thousands of people.

I stayed at EEA for 1 year and 2 months (with the initial idea to do just a 3-months short-term placement!), met wonderful people, saw breathtaking performances in various locations, dressed up as a monkey, owl, dragon and pirate, learned a lot, found a job... and I recommend this company to everyone who has a professional interest in performing arts and is looking for a placement/work experience.

EEA – A Way Out of the Ordinary into the Extraordinary