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Pyrotechnic Performance & Fire Shows

Lady lighting fire

EEA has been a pioneering force in the use of close proximity fireworks in performance

Inspired by the devilish fireworks performers at Spanish fiestas and traditional British bonfire festivals we have created some of the most stunning and memorable events in the UK and abroad.
Small scale intensive fire shows with low level pyrotechnic effects are designed for events that have less space for a full display. These are intimate shows give us an opportunity to introduce a simple narrative, distinctive themes and visual theatre with performers who are confident in the use of fire and fireworks as hand held props and close proximity effects.
We have combined performers, fireworks and machines to breath-taking effect on many shows. Our mechanical menagerie includes the magnificent Fire Bird, with flames and sparks emitting from its beak. EEA’s unique and amazing Human Catherine Wheels are included in our shows or as stand alone performance elements for festivals, private events and civic celebrations.


  • Human Catherine Wheel

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