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Special Effects

Pyramid fire sculpture

Firework displays are all the more enchanting in a beautiful setting. However if your site has no castle, bridge or building, let our theatrical engineers create a magical sculptural centrepiece for you. Used as a creative centrepiece or to enhance the identity of the sponsor, these effects give a memorable signature to a display.

Beautifully lit and animated with pyro, projections and performance, these structures provide the basis to a show that will have the audience talking about your display for years to come. Other crowd pleasers include flame effects, fire-drawings and lance-works that allow any figure, word, logo or symbol to be represented in flame or fireworks, to potentially any size.

EEAfx are specialists at working with landmark protected buildings, sensitive sites and unusual projects using giant projections, intelligent lighting effects as well as fireworks. Sites have included the Royal National Theatre, Eltham Palace, Newark Castle, Arundel Castle, Woolwich Royal Arsenal, the Royal Naval College, Kenwood House and West Ham Football Ground.

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