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Community Engagement

Through the enduring ethos of the company we are passionate about making work with and for people who have limited access to the arts.

Our work is accessible, providing unique opportunities for participants, partners and artists to develop their skills, confidence, experience and vision. We do this through successfully engaging participants in creative consultation and practical workshops over sustained periods.
Our multidisciplinary practitioners are able to respond to a wide range of needs and agendas leading to surprising outcomes including:

  • Installations
  • Performances
  • Festivals
  • Carnivals
  • Bespoke events in public spaces.

EEA have been working consistently on the Alton Estate in Wandsworth, since 2012. Our aim at the beginning of the project was to research, talk to and involve as many different community gatekeepers and groups as possible, building trust relationships to go forward with development and creative consultation sessions. Local people then devised and curated a creative festival, in their spaces, with EEA’s support and help. Through close partnership working and involving people in their own event, there is a really strong sense of ownership and involvement in The Lounge.

It’s lovely to see an event which really feels embedded in the local community
Participant, The Lounge, Roehampton Estate

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