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Creative Learning & Activism in Schools

Emergency Exit Arts has been working over the last 35 years with schools, teachers and young people to involve them in high quality and imaginative learning experiences. Our unique approach weaves together unravelling narratives, creative investigation and extraordinary happenings leading to high impact, unforgettable experiences.

The Creative Learning programme is brought to life in classrooms and playgrounds through our Creative Practitioners and each programme is invented to enhance young people’s learning, understanding and engagement with a particular theme or idea. These projects are produced in response to a school’s needs and delivers outcomes that involve the wider school community.

We engage schools through:

  • Creative Residencies
  • Curriculum Enrichment Programmes Immersive Spectacles
  • Storytelling Projects
  • Summer Schools
  • Family Learning Projects

Empowering student voice, raising social awareness and inspiring the confidence to make real changes.
Emergency Exit Arts specialise in using diverse and creative art forms to educate children and young people. Creative Activism inspires young people to unpick global and social issues, express their opinions and become informed, active and aware citizens in their school and wider community. Our team of Creative Practitioners work with the schools to create high impact projects that use the arts as a tool for transformation. These projects are designed to empower young people to think and work together to make positive changes through instigating creative action.

We engage schools through:

  • Citizenship Projects
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Public and Playground Art Installations
  • Schools and Community Programmes
  • Bespoke Projects with Primary and Secondary Schools

“Our school now feels better able to value creativity to engage the school community” Haberdashers’ Aske’s Knights Academy Teacher, Creative Activism

“EEA are brilliant at twisting learning into a fun, innovative and surprising experience. The young people got so much out of their encounter with EEA’s team who helped them to realise their artistic vision and their own creative potential.” Forest Hill School Teacher, Creative Activism

“Engaging, informative, highly interactive, educational and outstanding” Southpark School Teacher, Creative Learning

“All the children were engaged and could not wait for their turn to look at and touch the objects and tell their stories. Lots of ideas and approaches that can used back in the classroom. Children of all abilities were engaged and motivated and behaviour was managed well.” Gordon Primary School Teacher, Creative Learning


Watch our Creative Learning projects in action

  • Creative Burps

    Thumbnail image for Creative Burps video
  • The Bureau of Curiosities and Oddities - 2014 Summer School at Corelli College

    Thumbnail image for The Bureau of Curiosities and Oddities - 2014 Summer School at Corelli College video

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