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Creative learning

Animating learning through adventure and creative enquiry
Year Group: Foundation - KS2

Emergency Exit Arts has been working over the last 35 years with schools, teachers and young people to involve them in high quality and imaginative learning experiences. Our unique approach weaves together unravelling narratives, creative investigation and extraordinary happenings leading to high impact, unforgettable experiences.

The Creative Learning programme is brought to life in classrooms and playgrounds through our Creative Practitioners and each programme is invented to enhance young people’s learning, understanding and engagement with a particular theme or idea. These projects are produced in response to a school’s needs and delivers outcomes that involve the wider school community.
We engage schools through:

  • Creative Residencies
  • Curriculum Enrichment Programmes
  • Immersive Spectacles
  • Storytelling Projects
  • Summer Schools
  • Family Learning Projects

All the children were very engaged; they all worked incredibly hard and enjoyed the project immensely.
Springfield Community Primary School, Hackney

Watch our Creative Learning projects in action

  • Creative Burps

    Thumbnail image for Creative Burps video
  • The Bureau of Curiosities and Oddities - 2014 Summer School at Corelli College

    Thumbnail image for The Bureau of Curiosities and Oddities - 2014 Summer School at Corelli College video

Feedback from Creative Learning projects

"It was the most fun. I didn’t even like history before and now it is my best."

Year 4 pupil from Globe Primary School

"The Whole School got so much out of us thinking about teaching differently…the event reminded all of us about how great our school is."

Year 6 teacher from Marner School, Tower Hamlets

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