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Creative learning

Emergency Exit Arts delivers projects in Primary and Secondary schools that help facilitate creative and innovative methods of teaching and learning.

 We are continuously developing our offer to schools and are committed to working collaboratively and in consultation with school staff and young people to develop subjects, themes, ways of working and presenting results.

Our work with over 170 freelance artists, performers, facilitators, technicians and inventors ensures we can match the right artists to the specific needs of your school. Many of our artists work across different disciplines, so we can offer solutions to a range of different methods for creative learning, whilst building upon existing relationships.

We have worked on a number of projects with differing scales and ranges of outputs with A New Direction (formerly Creative Partnerships).

Read the case studies to find out more.

Signs of Change Video

  • Signs of Change

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Feedback from Creative Learning projects

“I love learning and doing art at the same time – it makes me remember stuff better”

Year 4 Pupil from Bow Primary School

"It was the most fun. I didn’t even like history before and now it is my best."

Year 4 pupil from Globe Primary School

"I think that when I grow up I want to be an artist teacher like Caitlin."

Year 5 pupil from Globe Primary School on the EEA Visual Artist

"The Whole School got so much out of us thinking about teaching differently…the event reminded all of us about how great our school is."

Year 6 teacher from Marner School, Tower Hamlets


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