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Youth Arts

Emergency Exit Arts has extensive experience of delivering tailor-made projects that respond to young people’s agendas.

EEA believes that:

  • The art making process unites people from diverse backgrounds in a positive shared experience
  • That everyone has a right to engage in cultural activity
  • That, through engaging in positive art activities, young people can explore and develop communication and social skills, confidence, motivation to learn and the capacity to imagine, play and believe in their own potential

In recent years EEA's Youth Arts Programme has deepened through reflection and reconstruction inspired by working with our Youth Panel. We now have a full time Participatory Arts Manager who is driving the programme forward, ensuring that our participation offer is matching the issues facing young people across London and the UK. Members of our Youth Panel, as young leaders, are informing the creative development of our programme through their dynamic approach and altruistic attitude.

We strive for our Youth Arts Programme to be:

  • Flexible - responsive to the needs of young people
  • Scalable - from small interventions in everyday life to large scale theatricalities
  • Integrated - linking to local service provision and current concerns, forming partnerships with like minded organisations to achieve artistic excellence
  • Sustainable - providing social impact and progression routes for young people
  • Impact: social development/ confidence/ communication skills/ team work/ increased independence/ increased motivation/ employable skills/ space and freedom to 'be a child'/ respect/ belief in their potential/ developing new relationships/ critical thinking/ peer support networks/ a platform for the positive image of young people.

EEA – A Way Out of the Ordinary into the Extraordinary