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Creative Activism in Schools

Empowering student voice, raising social awareness and inspiring the confidence to make real changes.

Emergency Exit Arts specialise in using diverse and creative art forms to educate children and young people. We have over 30 years of experience working in schools and community settings.

EEA design and deliver bespoke creative projects to meet curriculum needs in schools. We work in collaboration with school staff to ensure each project delivers the best possible learning experience for children and young people.
Our Creative Activism projects enable pupils, teaching and learning staff from different schools to work with specialist Creative Practitioners to create high impact projects. These projects are designed to empower pupils to think and work together to make positive changes to their environment. EEA have developed Creative Activism to enable pupils to unpick environmental issues, find their voices and become active and aware citizens.

By working with us you can expect a project that:

  • Builds on the knowledge and skills of school staff
  • Meets clear curriculum objectives
  • Provides experienced arts practitioners who can communicate clearly in the busy school environment
  • Delivers a complete process that does not create extra work for teachers
  • Delivers outcomes that involve the wider school community

We know that these are challenging times. Our Creative Activism model is designed to enable schools to work together, sharing resources and knowledge, so that together we can guarantee quality of opportunity and rich learning experiences for children and young people.

If you would like to find out more or arrange a consultantancy session with one of our Creative Activism specialists please call 020 8853 4809 or email us at [email protected]

The Creative Activism project model was piloted and developed with support from A New Direction, Creative Partnerships and Arts Council England.

“Cross-curricular links were made between art, science and geography which are less commonly linked in art. This was very successful and an aspect that could be further developed in future projects.”
Shantha Adivihalli, Art teacher, Brentside High School, Ealing


Creative Activism past Projects - Signs of Change

  • Signs of Change

    Thumbnail image for Signs of Change video

For full details read our Creative Activism advocasy document

Past Creative Activism Projects:


“Our school now feels better able to value creativity to engage the school community.”

Dr Tesca Bennett, Assistant Principal, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Knights Academy, Lewisham.

“The final DVD for this project was wonderful. It was lovely to have a record of all the schools taking part. This gave the pupils a sense of belonging to a much larger group right across London. We are showing the DVD to parents, friends and family as well as stakeholders at our annual arts festival.”

Natalie Beavis, Teacher, Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School, Barnet.

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