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Platform 11+

Girls in front of pink back drop

EEA is a British partner in Platform 11+, a Pan European arts network funded by the European Union Culture Programme. This funding strand provides support for cultural organisations to work together on projects across borders and to create and implement joint cultural and artistic activities. One of only nine successful applications to the scheme, Platform 11+ will deliver a €2 million programme entitled Schoolyard Tales, including new writing, productions, youth exchange, conferences, festivals, professional training and seminars.

Together with 11 other partners from across Europe, Schoolyard Tales aims to present a multi layered portrait of European young people between the ages of 11-15. Art exhibitions, outdoor events and new theatre commissions inspired by young people’s views, experiences and imaginations will be created over the four year programme.

Selected as a partner for its expertise in visual arts and outdoor performance EEA will also share its youth led practice with the network. Young people across Europe will have the opportunity to create and exchange their stories and we anticipate that the involvement of our Street Arts Academy Youth Panel will inform and inspire them to create innovative street theatre and visual arts in London.

Through Platform 11+, EEA will promote its unique form of spectacle and large scale live animation to European audiences while developing new work through collaboration with dramaturges and writers, reviving our interest in the use of text in outdoor arts.

EEA is building a small and very dedicated team of artists from within EEA to facilitate the various projects led by Project Director and Platform 11+ Visual Arts Coordinator, Andrew Siddall; Participatory Arts Manager, Chloe Osborne; Writer, Arjunan Manuelpillai; Director, Alex Evans and Visual Artist, Patrick Bullock. EEA’s Artistic Director, Deb Mullins, represents EEA on the Platform 11+ Advisory Board.

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