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An outdoor laboratory is created.. It pulsates with light revealing eminent scientists as they feed their secret experiment with the power of knowledge mined from the generations before them. A new Giant of Science begins to emerge...

Part one: Colossus Awakes
The Big News reports live from the Biomime Corporation HQ in Grantham where a major breakthrough in bioengineering is set to be announced…
A mysterious, pulsating laboratory is engineered on the streets. Eminent scientists feed the experiment within. The state looks on with satisfaction. The media are expectant. And then something more powerful than all that has gone before begins to live and breathe. Colossus awakes and darker forces gather…..

Part two: Return of Colossus
The streets become a living laboratory as young “Guardians of Science” engage audiences in the experiment. Reincarnations of the “Giants of Science” - Newton, Galileo, Einstein, Curie, Faraday, Turing and Franklin, move through the town discovering a spectacle of light and sound.
Colossus now strides out across the town, collecting new insight from the giants of science and the people of the town as they move through the streets. Meet him, walk and talk with him, help him learn. Colossus and the Guardians of Science march through Grantham and the evening builds to an explosive climax.


Watch Colossus Awakes and Return of Colossus

  • Colossus Awakes

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  • Return of Colossus

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