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Fair and Fowl Play

Fire Breathing bird shoots fire to open a huge egg.

From distant waters and faraway skies two ancient creatures leave the land of myths in search of a giant lost egg. Lured by the scattered seeds of creativity and the drifting sands of time, the monumental Fire bird and megalithic Turtle compete in a quest to claim The Egg of Mystery. Pick up the trails of sand and seed and witness their hunt through the city streets, led (or led astray?) by the forces of art and science as they converge upon The Egg – but what does The Egg contain? Scrambled, poached or fried, easy over or sunny side up – unravel the eternal mysteries with Emergency Exit Arts in collaboration with Tin House.

Fowl and Fair Play is a large scale promenade show with two gigantic creatures taking part in a relay race around streets and large open spaces. The creatures can move gently through crowds and take turns in leading audiences through a festival site.
The action involves the audience in taming and wakening the creatures and following the trails and clues they leave along the way. Each creature has its own PA system on its electrically powered base. Between periods of action our creatures can be soothed to sleep by music or hypnosis.

The show involves two street performers/musicians with five puppeteers and technical crew. For a large audience, the finale site needs to accommodate an 8m long turtle, a 5m high bird and a very large egg with small scale pyrotechnic effects. A larger scale pyrotechnic finale is also available for larger sites. EEA also works with clients to build a larger scale show involving local musicians, dancers and participants.

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