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Mechanical Menagerie

EEA artists have an international reputation for building large-scale mechanical vehicles and other show-stopping sculptures.

Add something unique to your festival. Our amazing animated and diverse structures will cope with just about any surface and are powered electrically by our crew of puppeteers and technicians. They include integral PA systems and lighting for night-time events.

Fire Bird

The magnificent Fire Bird is a high impact giant metal puppet, which stalks, bends, pecks and rears up to 5m tall with a fountain of sparks from its beak.

Mechanical Elephant

Our famous go-anywhere steel elephant (she met the Queen you know!) has been seen across the UK, making appearances from Canterbury to Edinburgh and at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

Metal elephant in green pyjamas


Our gorgeous Turtle is 8m long x 3m high with a 5.5m wide wingspan and floats just above the heads of the audience.

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