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Spin Cycle

Spin to win the ultimate luxury lifestyle in a daring musical on the move. Will you be the next contestant?
This fantasy fable fuses physical performance with street theatre in a playful show created by acclaimed UK company Emergency Exit Arts
Play the game...Your Desires - Our Rules

Length of show = 50 mins (approx).

For bookings or further information contact:
[email protected] or 0208 853 4809

Spin Cycle is a new show by Emergency Exit Arts, a leading light in outdoor arts. The essence of competitive games shows is taken into a performance on the streets and in town centres. The story tracks a team of competitors on an extreme shopping spree that ends with a challenge to everyone to come together to make a change to the way we live.

The audience encounters the Spin Cycle experience at a preliminary roadshow where they will be enticed to join a queue of extreme fans of the Spin Cycle cult. Once they have been invited into the roadshow they will be engaged in a playful and immersive experience that will sift people into teams based on their lifestyle choices.

Throughout the show the audience is guided by the Spinners, forty young people trained by EEA’s Street Arts Academy practitioners. Through audience interaction anyone can be invited to become a Spin Cycle contestant. They will be joined by members of our cast of dance and physical theatre practitioners on a journey through the streets to meet the ultimate Games Show hosted by our Spin Cycle Supremo. He will lead us in the irresistible Spin Cycle communal dance that we guarantee will be all over You Tube in an instant.

Spin Cycle takes the form of a musical on the move that is performed on inventive mobile structures that transform and, yes, Spin Cycle does feature at least one washing machine. Our Games Show is full of humour and wit combining physical clowning from the top of a 30 foot mobile tower. Through its dark humour some difficult questions are asked of us. Inspired by the book Affluenza, the All Consuming Epidemic by John de Graaf, we’ve created a fable about waste and recovery.

In Spin Cycle you will see an EEA trade mark participatory, multi disciplinary production that brings the ingredients of a street arts festival into one show. However, there will also be some new innovations for the company. Our cast of dancers have been busy tackling the risky business of working aerially and are being trained by Aircraft Circus at Hanger Arts Trust whilst our engineers are designing a unique new mobile aerial rig to rival our signature Human Catherine Wheel. There will also be some new innovations in ways that people can participate in the show through the use of digital messaging and data capture that will be integral to the show’s narrative.

The process of creating this show has developed throughout 2013 through the collective creativity of many different artists and activists including the show’s Director Terry O’Donovan from Dante or Die.
Spin Cycle has a cast of five physical theatre and dance based performers and an entourage of at least forty young people from Street Arts Academies in six London boroughs. This is a 50 minute outdoor show for up to 1000 people. It is for all ages, although there are some adult concepts.

Street Arts Academy - Reclaiming the Streets!
Emergency Exit Arts’ Street Arts Academy (SAA) works with young people across the UK and Europe to make creative interventions in public spaces. Combining Visual and Performing Arts, SAA works with 13-21 year olds to make unexpected art moments/events/performances/installations happen in the spaces in which they live, learn, work and play.
Why Street Arts?
Street Arts sets the audience and performer free from the constraints of formal or paid for arts, leaving space for invention, improvisation and interaction. It is a space where surprise is sought and anything is possible - moments that are shared in the instant and are completely unrepeatable.

EEA has thought quite carefully about a model of participation which works for different audience members, young people, the performers, the company, the venues and future programmers of Spin Cycle.

There will be a multi-layered model of participation through:-
1. Partnerships with festival promoters/venues – EEA will work with a partner in advance to plan and fundraise
2. Street Arts Academies developed in each location with local partners and development of other community outreach programmes
3. Guerrilla marketing campaigns both on-line and on the street in advance of a show. This will include capturing audience data in advance/on the day, by signing-up volunteer “Spinners” as part of the Street Arts Academy initiative


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The Circulate Consortium

2012 was a breakthrough summer for the profile of outdoor arts in the country. A number of indoor venues programmed outdoor work for the first time – and they saw the benefits.

A group of venues (The Albany, artsdepot, Harrow Arts Centre, Millfield Arts Centre, Tara Arts, Watermans) in collaboration with the Greater London Authority and The Audience Agency, decided they wanted to continue to develop work outdoors.

They approached EEA, for our proven track record in high quality street arts and because of the success of the EEA Street Arts Academy – the programme for hard-to-reach young people. A consortium called Circulate has now been formed, which has been funded for at least 3 years through the Arts Council’s Strategic Touring Fund.

In year one EEA will be
1. Touring Spin Cycle to six locations
2. Developing a hugely ambitious youth participation programme where the Street Arts Academy will be set up in partnership with each venue as a legacy of the project. These young people will be participants; performers; producers; marketers; audience data analysts; co-creators, and ultimately ambassadors for the venue and Street Arts. They will work with the touring shows for year 2 and 3; and also start to develop and tour their own work to the other venues (and beyond…?)
3. Overseeing the mentoring of other artists local to each venue who wish to develop new outdoor work

EEA – A Way Out of the Ordinary into the Extraordinary