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7 – 10 June Theater Junge Generation (TJG), Dresden

As part of the Platform Shift + European partnership of theatres and arts organisation we have been busy working towards two co-productions that have benefited from the skills and imaginations of our associate artists: Alex Evans, Robin Stratton, Arji Manuelpillai, Josh Solnick and Gordon Allum

No Entry, a collaboration with TJG in Dresden, is a choreographic, immersive performance using a specially designed, interactive digital app. To create material for the digital app our team has been working at the University of Greenwich with young people from Greenwich schools to create digitally animated drawings and a sound track of poems that reflect young people’s dreams and feelings about home, the city and forbidden places. As part of this collaboration EEA has also made a film animation, Paper Cities, using the drawings and work made with young dancers.

Three Musketeers Only bySouth Bohemia Theatre is an open air performance has just been premiered in the beautiful city of České Budějovice(Budweis) in the Czech Republic. It’s a tragicomedy featuring the original musketeers, Porthos, Athos and Aramis, now retired and living the celebrity high life. Love and friendship draws them into a final act of heroism featuring a mythical horse, designed by EEA’s Gordon Allum.


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