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Diwali Celebrations in Trafalgar Square 2015

Sunday 11 October 2015

Our cheeky blue faced Monkeys will be joining in the 2015 Diwali celebrations in Trafalgar Square. We will also be installing our beautiful stage dressings and our silk flags will be fluttering across the site for a weekend of celebrations, Africa Day and Diwali. 

Roehampton Spills

24th October

Walk into a life-size cartoon florist and colour in your own flowers as the Jerk Shack in Roehampton is taken over by an interactive family theatre project this October

Southwark Fireworks 2015

5th November 2015

For the fifth consecutive year we are back in Southwark Park for one of our favourite fireworks displays on 5th November 2015

Blackheath Fireworks 2015

7th November 2015

We are thrilled to be creating a dazzling fireworks display for one of the biggest free firework events in the capital and right on our doorstep. Blackheath Fireworks 2015 is on Saturday 7th November, the event is now enjoyed by up to 80,000 people each year.


The Big Ask

Emergency Exit Arts along with ISAN, Kazzum, Kinetika People, Bureau Of Silly Ideas and Tangled Feet has published an action research report into the experiences of five leading Outdoor Arts organisations as we tested a variety of fundraising methods. 

TOWIE: Radical Citizenship

Creative Heritage Training supports 18 – 25 year olds to explore Radical Citizenship


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