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Changing lives: TOWIE helps Jessica bag a job

11th July 2017

TOWIE, A National Lottery funded project for young people gave Jessica the skills and confidence she needed to overcome setbacks and break into her chosen career.

After leaving full-time education, Jessica Starns wanted to work in museums. But, despite building up an impressive portfolio of project work and volunteering for museums and charities, two years later, she was still struggling to find employment in her chosen field. Then a National Lottery funded project for young people called The Only Way is Ethics (TOWIE), which gave her the skills and confidence she needed to finally bag her dream job.

“The project, run by Emergency Exit Arts, was for young people aged 18-25 and the aim was to give young people the skills to deliver heritage projects,” Jess explains. “The Bishopsgate Institute was given an archive on the Mondcivitan Republic [a nation without territory, whose citizens across the world worked to promote peace and unity in the aftermath of World War II], and we received training to interpret the archive, and share our discoveries with others.”

As part of TOWIE, Jess helped produce a toolkit about best practices for working with young people on heritage projects: “I really enjoyed the project, especially being involved with people who are a similar age to me – just being creative and making something that we could talk about in finding employment.”

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