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Trashcatchers Carnival

4th July 2010

For a few hours on July 4th the streets of Tooting were transformed into a place of celebration with stories of the living earth, water that sings and rubbish that shines like new.

Green giant with fruit


20th June 2010

Held on 19th June 2010, EEA created an night time finale on the beautiful lake at Victoria Park, for the Paradise Gardens Festival- with extraordinary fountains of light and fire on water. 

silhouettes in front of lake

The Moon Queen at Glastonbury

25th-28th June 2010

EEA returned to the iconic festival with our newest gigantic mechanical wonder.

Giant purple lit female structure

1980 - 2010 It's EEA's 30th Birthday


‘A way out of the ordinary into the extraordinary’ - we're celebrating EEA's 30th Birthday 1980-2010.  It’s a special year for EEA and it is being marked by a series of memorable occasions throughout the year to highlight our extensive experience. During 30 years of participatory projects and performances, EEA has pioneered the creation of inspirational celebratory happenings and events in outdoor public places.

EEA 30th birthday flyer various small images

The Baishakhi Mela Parade

23rd May 2010

EEA was delighted to work in Tower Hamlets to create the Baishakhi Mela Parade on 23 May 2010 in East London. This Mela in Banglatown, Brick Lane is the largest celebration of the Bangla New Year outside of South Asia and is a huge annual community celebration of music, performance and dance in the streets around Brick Lane.

Large owl structure

The Biggest Learning Opportunity on Earth

24th May 2010

EEA is pleased to announce its involvement with A New Direction's 2010-2011 Enquiry Schools programe. We will be working with 14 other arts companies from around London to deliver innovative, Olympic themed, creative learning projects to 150 schools across 33 boroughs.


Drawing of an astronaut floating in space with earth in the background

EEA – A Way Out of the Ordinary into the Extraordinary