Catalyst Arts: Building Fundraising Capacity

EEA has just learned that we have been awarded the ACE Catalyst Fund having lead a consortium of six organisations from the outdoor arts sector.

The consortium comprises of: ISANKazzumKinetikaTangled FeetBureau of Silly Ideas and EEA. The action research project will happen over the next 2 years when these organisations will come together to:

I am really pleased for EEA and our five partners that we have been sucessful with the Catalyst Fund. The outdoor arts sector engages millions of people every year but little is known of the audiences. Primarily we would like to develop a model where individuals in those audiences are given the opportunity to support the work they see. We would like to research, develop and deliver a way of accessing this resource and share what we learn with our outdoor arts colleagues.

Daniel Bernstein, Executive Director for {{ siteName }}

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