Creative Commission: Night Light Installation

EEA is one of the UK’s leading outdoor arts companies. We specialise in creating spectacular moments in public space, and bringing communities together in memorable cultural happenings in the places in which they live, work and play. 2020 is our 40th birthday year. In celebration, we are commissioning a unique light piece that we will use at a number of the illuminated winter outdoor festivals we have coming up in our winter programme. The piece will be fabricated in partnership with EEA.

Eea Peace Poem

Photo credit: The Peace Poem, created with Lead Artist Robert Montgomery to commemorate 100 years since the end of WWI

Themes & Environments

We would like the piece to be useable in a number of outdoor light festivals with different themes. Some examples of general themes that the piece might respond to include:

We are interested in work that inspires a response in the audiences that engage with it. We are interested in participatory work - this is a challenging time for that given the context of Covid-19 so this needs to be thought about carefully in terms of feasibility. Durational and installation work is proving popular recently - something that lots of people can engage with over a number of days, from afar - distance and safety seem naturally built into this approach.

Led Butterfly 3

Photo credit: EEA's LED Butterflies

Some key things to bear in mind:

We have a budget of £25,000 + VAT for this commission. This needs to include:

To apply please send us an email headed "EEA Light Commission" with a links to website / portfolio / include some images where can we see your previous work. Please include a short description about you and about your practice. If you’d like to submit a short (2min max) video or sound recording instead of written words that’s fine too. Please include a short description of your idea (300 words max).

Piece to be finished and ready by Friday 19th February for first public viewing the following week.

We welcome work from diverse makers, designers and artists. If you aren’t sure if you are experienced enough to do the work please be in touch and talk it through with us! Please e-mail any queries to [email protected]

Eea40Th Lockup Colour 300 Dpi Small

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