Thinking is the New Rebellion

The Only Way is Ethics (TOWIE) is a Heritage Lottery Funded, youth-led programme created by Emergency Exit Arts in partnership with Museum of London & Bishopsgate Institute.

In August, we held a TOWIE summer school for 16-25 year olds. Over a week, we developed skills in historical research, curation and creative interpretation. We had the opportunity to trawl through examples of protest and resistance from the archives at Bishopsgate Institute and interrogate the histories we found there. Then after lots of heated discussion amongst ourselves we created pop-up performances and hit the streets to engage the public in our debates.

My brain's still hot from those burning questions - what an amazing week

TOWIE Summer School Participant

TOWIE's young producers have pulled together the work of the summer school participants to create an exhibition for Bishopsgate Institute entitled, Thinking is the New Rebellion. The exhibition will be officially opened to the public on Friday 6 September at our TOWIE Launch Night - an evening dedicated to celebrating young people's political and social voice. The exhibition will be open until December.

This project is the greatest example I’ve seen of heritage and the arts coming together as a combined force to achieve youth empowerment...This interaction inspired a multitude of creative responses, including a conceptual 3D art installation and a piece of theatre. When questioned about why they had achieved so much on this project one participant said to me, ‘No-one has ever asked me how I feel about these things before.

Kirsty Marsh (Inclusion Programme Manager at Museum of London)

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