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“At what point do we fall into each other’s arms and dance again loosening our shadow?”

How do we commemorate what’s been lost as we start to take tentative steps to coming out of lockdown? What do we want to hold onto and grow? What positive changes can we make to society and the natural environment as we recover from the pandemic? Through talking and listening to communities, artists Robert Montgomery and Deanna Rodger have created an inspiring light poem that will visit public spaces as a backdrop for workshops, performances and reflections. This piece is already booking very fast! Get in touch to learn about availability.

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“EEA are honoured to be touring Recovery Poems around the country. We have been part of the outdoor arts scene in the UK for over 40 years and we are excited to be bringing this moving new poetic piece at such an important time as collectively we try and piece our lives back together.”

Daniel Bernstein, CEO Emergency Exit Arts

Creative/Production Credits:

Produced by Emergency Exit Arts with Deanna Rodger and Robert Montgomery

Funding, commissioning and partner credits

Recovery Poem is a partnership project between Without Walls, Emergency Exit Arts, 101 Outdoor Arts, Robert Montgomery, Deanna Rodger, Thatcham Town Council

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